President Donald Trump is taking the Epstein suicide VERY seriously, and he retweeted a thoroughly well-researched and sober assessment of the facts of the case, out of respect for how serious these charges are.

Yep. Yep. That’s perfect. Really gonna anger all the liberals. And really, that’s the best, wisest course of action right now. Definitely.

Also he retweeted this about the Democrats that were implicated yesterday:

Which is fair, that is true, and we posted on it.

He also slammed Bill Maher:


SO there it is. I guess if he were really worried that he was tied to the awful pedophilia of Epstein, then he wouldn’t be so flippant about these conspiracy theories, right? Right. 45th level chess, as always. BOOM! #MAGA. Genius.

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92 thoughts on “TRUMP TWEETS conspiracy theory that CLINTONS KILLED EPSTEIN!

  1. I was in the hospital yesterday because, sadly, I have a friend fighting for his life after a traffic accident. A friend of his I had never met works for the federal prisons. I took the opportunity to ask/razz him over Epstein’s suicide. His answer to me was quite surprising. He says if an inmate wants to kill themselves the effort to stop them is practically token, and a lot of it revolves around the safety of the Prison personnel because the last thing they want is an employee killed trying to keep a prisoner from killing themselves.

  2. Trump isn’t out of bounds at all.

    Hillary and obama set up this elaborate Russia scheme to frame Trump. Had she won, he would be in prison right now facing treason charges along with his family members. He knows Epstein was a lowlife catering to the perverse demands of the globalists. Being elected, Trump stopped their agenda.

    Wake up, virtually everyone on earth is looking at the Clinton- globalists for whacking Epstein.

  3. Most of Twitter thinks the Clintons did ‘something’. You know, ‘some people did something’. Stuff like that.

  4. For the first time in a very long time I can honestly say Epstein’s death has united both the left and the right with everyone suspecting the Clinton’s had something to do with that death. It’s everywhere from both sides.

    1. I was surprised to see so many on the left really angry and demanding answers today and it’s why I said earlier I’m not sure this just goes away like other scandals. This is high profile and in a maximum security facility. Also, nobody including the prosecutors thought he acted alone so there are other ways to go at this investigation.

      1. What is fascinating to me is that there are reports that Epstein was taken off of suicide watch. Taking Epstein off suicide watch was insuring that he would commit suicide voluntarily or otherwise.

        Remember when Epstein was found near to unresponsive in his jail cell 2 weeks ago? Also remember that no further reports were forthcoming that he tried to kill himself, or if someone tried to kill him.

        1. I know it’s very odd. Both Deace and Matt Walsh are saying the level of mistrust with law enforcement is so low that the only way Americans will believe this is for the prison to release the video of the incident. Frankly this is one of the few times lately that I’ve seen both sides of the political spectrum saying this does not pass the smell test. Atkinson tweeted abou this is rightly being a big conspiracy of our time. Did the girls attorneys speak out yet and will they press for the case against the women Maxwell who was in he testimony from the victims?

          1. Unfortunately Epstein’s prison cell video was temporarily out of order. In other news, how fare’s Epstein’s home videos? You know, the ones the FBI took from his home? Have they been erased yet?

            1. The bleach kit and shredder are probably in overdrive as we speak. Funny how things disappear in powerful people’s cases.

          2. I’m not so sure that the majority of Americans have such a low level of confidence of law enforcement as they do with having no confidence with law enforcement in New York. There is a huge difference between the rest of the country, and Bill DeBlasio’s NY.

            1. Good point although the whole DOJ/FBI Russian collusion nonsense didn’t lead o confidence either. Even Matt Walsh who is very level headed said count him in on the conspiracy and suspicion of Epstein death. He believes though we will never know who because if it was murder it’s very high up from one or more wealthy billionaires. He does say the only way is for them to release the footage of the cell/incident and if they don’t than there is something amiss. If sombody like Matt is going down this road, this may not go away as quickly as his “clients” like. There is supposedly videos, and other documents as to the men involved so I’m guessing some of that has been secured. It will be interesting how much goes missing now.

  5. This is preposterous! At first it looked like Professor Plum did it with the candlestick, but it has become quite obvious that Colonel Mustard did it with the wrench. C’mon people, get a Clue!

  6. So? It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the story break. A Clinton “suicide”. How can you choke yourself to death?

  7. Sounds like a projection to point out someone’s ‘flippant’ behavior in the middle of making a flippant remark, but when every thought is disguised as sarcasm, one can always mock their target, pretend it was done in jest, and then go on lecturing. That would be the responsible thing to do…

  8. By tweeting this Trump is repeating a common assumption right now… the rich and powerful had Epstein killed… and specifically the Clintons were involved. Trump is not alone at all in his suspicions.

    1. The way the left has become emboldened in pursuit of the fundamental transformation, if it were proven the Clintons were involved in Epstein’s death, it might not make a top 5 list of the most surprising (attempting to get away with murder) revelations in the past year.

  9. Right now, everyone is assuming that the Clintons had Epstein killed, because it’s the only explanation that makes sense – AND, the Clintons have a long and well documented history of having their enemies snuffed out.

    1. yes and don’t forget the document dump yesterday indicating some high profile “world leaders” and other scuzzy democrats. Sure do an investigation and the sharp as a butter knife FBI will conclude a suspicious death with no other evidence. Been there with Kennedy and the grassy knoll, Vince Foster and a whole slew of others. So keep it rolling and theorize away– democrat men are addicted to power and become predators. Oh and of course the victims will get no justice of course. Wait for the media to start that show-no evidence, money grubbers, just like with Paula Jones,

  10. “THE CLINTON BODY BAGS” Hillary for President in 2016? Over my dead body.. Oops..

    Just a quick refresher course, lest we forget what has happened to the many “friends” of the vile Clintons. From James McDougal, to Vince Foster, to Ed Willey, to Ron Brown, etc, etc.. the list of dead friends of the Clinton’s reads like a mafia political hit list tell all novel.”

    Anyone who is even suspected of being a threat to their power is eliminated.

    Bill and Hillary, like the Mafia, their “personal problems” always seems to disappear.

    Anyone think Epstein committed suicide, I have some ocean front property in Utah to sell you..

    1. Remember to george soros’ prize winning son was also mentioned at the beginning of this sordid scandal, along with many other “high profile world leader” that is a joke, but take your pick. Someone did him in.

  11. I’m officially taking the position that the Trump Family collaborated with the Clinton Family to take Epstein out. Because I have as much proof for that as anyone does of anything else.

    1. Sooper ended with a concealed attempt to make the same point, but it carries more weight if you strip out the hypocrisy (or sarcasm in his case).

  12. I have my own theory… there is no body. He paid them off to take him to a private island… I demand to see the body.

    1. Going along with your theory cookiebob, nobody’s seen osama bin laden’s body either.
      I propose Epstein is hanging out on that island with bin laden and Hoffa, and others.

      1. You forgot all the virgins that were awaiting their arrival on the island — Osama pre-ordered them.

  13. Meanwhile in the senate they are preparing to take our 2nd Amendment rights away and Trumpo is going to sign it…

    1. If you get the chance, please check this out:

      Clues Have Been Given, Up Is Down, Left Is Right, Trust The Mission – Episode 1939b

    2. Your boy Rubio is pushing Red Flag bill heavily.I bet Trump will end-up vetoing it, unless they tie it to a strong border-wall funding bill.

      1. I saw Rubio getting lots of pushback in response to his tweets pushing it. By end of August recess Rubio will have changed his position 10 times so we shall see.

  14. Trump is the puppeteer twitter is the strings and the media/democratic party are the puppet. I can’t wait to hear the response to this one.

  15. The POTUS retweets an insane conspiracy theory that includes the #ClintonBodyCount hashtag. And of course, he’s actually the one in charge of the DOJ and federal prisons. Yet he retweets this like a guy who is living in his parent’s basement. And there isn’t anything wrong with this????

    1. There is a trail of bodies following the Clintons far to long to be coincidental. And I think that Oswald acted alone.

    2. It’s not a conspiracy theory. How many close Clinton friends have suddenly died due to suicide or some other nonsense? Conspiracy theory my ass.

        1. That is an absolutely insane number. Anyone else, the pitchforks and torches would come out after #3.

      1. Especially the one who committed suicide with a shotgun blast to the back of the head and had all his bags packed by the front door.

    3. According to that logic, pretty much everyone on twitter lives in their parents’ basement.

      It’s a retweet, not a manifesto.

      People RT all sorts of stuff for all sorts of reasons.

    1. People in 2000+ have short memories. In 3 days everyone might be talking about a kardashian or some tweet from the squad.

  16. I saw Democrat talking points on how to get the conversation off Epstein/Clinton and implicate Trump etc…

    Trump is taking the bull by the horns, he knows if he creates controversy it will stay top of mind, Clinton/Gore both took trips with Epstein… Trump was cleared by one of the victims at least, she said he never even flirted with her… So… Trump has a method to his madness.

  17. Joe Blow Scarborough said it was the Russians, with the implication being they’re doing so for Trump. Joy Reid, on PMSNBC, implicated that Barr was behind Epstein’s demise.

    “An echo of the Clinton hashtag implicating the president, #TrumpBodyCount, was also trending with more than 33,000 tweets early Saturday afternoon.”

    Yet, Trump is the only one dealing in conspiracies?

  18. I’d pay money just for the laughs if the Clintons put out a statement that if they’d wanted him dead, they’d have got him the first time.

  19. I hate twitter… but thank the LORD it exists..
    President Trump gets his words out to us unfiltered by the enemies of America.

  20. When you live in a world of deceit & blackmail against those in powerful positions…. you eventually threaten to expose the wrong people.

  21. Amazing that the left who has a #trumpbodycount going can be outraged about this retweet of a #clintonbodycount. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

  22. I don’t think it was a good idea to retweet the conspiracy theory about Clinton, but I have my own suspicions about that. Not to the Clintons necessarily but the possibility of it being murder and not suicide…committed by one of the powerful people that could be implicated. Suspicion isn’t enough to accuse or retweet what Trump did.

    1. Assuming the Clintons were behind Epstein’s death is no longer a conspiracy, especially when Judicial Watch received declassified documents that conclusively prove Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express. The documents should also reveal that Bill lied about only flying on Epstein’s plane five times.

      The fact of the matter is the official cause of death is fabricated hogwash. It’s also intellectually insulting. Common sense dictates that there is no way that Epstein should have been taken off of suicide watch. That surprising revelation can only be interpreted as being gross negligence. Epstein was reported to have been on constant surveillance. Therefore, he should have never died in custody, especially by hanging himself.

      1. So it has been revealed that he was taken off suicide watch?

        I’m suspicious all the way around. It could have gone down so many ways…including suicide after purposefully taking him off suicide watch knowing he would kill himself. The one conclusion I do not believe is that he was on suicide watch and managed to kill himself anyway. Possible with lazy guards that don’t watch but I highly doubt it.

  23. He died of Arkancide after Al Gore, Gov Richardson and other democrats were exposed of pedophilia a day earlier.

    Arkancide is basically a take off from the Body Count list. The name Arkancide is the based on the fact that Clinton was the governor of Arkansas and all the killing he is accused of. Part of the theory is that two boys knew too much about Clinton’s operations.

    Jim McDougal
    Vince Foster
    Ron Brown
    Seth Rich
    Jeffrey Epstein

  24. If only every Leader would tweet out conspiracy theories … it is just so darn Presidential!! Maybe we could hear about Cruz’s father again too /s.

  25. A conspiracy theory is an unsubstantiated off the wall theory. In this case ir is if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. It is a duck.

    1. Wow, from a CBS affiliate ! Time for the Mein-stream Media Complex to ditch the DNC and return to an
      objective mainstream.

  26. Well, here’s the topic of the week that will overshadow last weeks topic of Trump causing the El Paso shootings. ADD MSM won’t be able to help themselves from running with the tweet about the Clintons….more fun for all!

  27. So, Trump got so see Bill Maher “by accident”. Yup, ok.

    For someone who says the media lies, which they do & which the admin has done as well, he sure is glued to his television. Next he will update us through the National Enquirer as he did with Cruz’s fathers crimes.

  28. Hey Mr. President,your not helping the AG out.The AG is trying to avoid Bill and Hillary and you are telling him Hillary and Bill are Killers.LMAO

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