Biden has figured out how to solve all his border woes!

The Biden administration has been plagued with questions and criticisms for how they are handling the border crisis, especially since they refuse to admit it’s a crisis.

We explained yesterday just how bad it’s gotten at the border, with children illegals surging across the border at even higher rates than what we saw in 2019.

We also told you about Biden’s catch and release policies allowing illegals to come into country with COVID.

There were also criticisms of Biden from both sides for reopening what Democrats called ‘cages’ under the Trump administration in order to deal with the crisis at the border.

Well Team Biden has finally figured out how to shut all of their critics down and solve his woes at the border:

The Biden administration is weighing a new name for the facilities it is setting up to manage the influx of migrant children and families at the southern border, hoping to limit the criticism and emphasize that the buildings will hold people only temporarily.

Biden officials are considering naming the facilities “reception centers,” according to three people familiar with the discussions, on the logic that the name sounds less harsh.

In particular, one official said, the new name would mark the Biden administration’s intention to use the “reception centers” not for holding people in custody, but for serving as sending-off points for releasing migrants into the United States.

“These facilities are going up, but they’re being utilized differently. The direction is very clear. Release them as fast as possible,” said the first person. “If you can’t receive [migrants] from a Border Patrol station, then release them right there, do it. If that area gets overcrowded, they’re giving instruction to ICE to then bus them further into the interior of the United States.”

That’s their big idea, to change the name of their ‘concentration camps’ to catch and release ‘reception centers’? Why that will fool everyone!

Realistically, this will draw even more illegals to the border and make the crisis there even worse as Team Biden sends these illegals into the country never to be heard from again until they are ready to be made citizens so they can vote Democrat!


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