Biden makes ANOTHER embarrassing gaffe…

Someone make it stop please. Biden’s presidential campaign is a big hair-plugged dumpster fire. Here’s his latest gaffe:

I could see how someone might say this is not a big deal, but keep in mind that recently Biden also couldn’t identify the three genders he says there is, and also confused poor kids with minority kids and rich kids with white kids.

It’s getting so bad that even the mainstream media is pointing out that voters say he looks too old to be president after so many mistakes.

But also, doesn’t it completely undermine his story about remembering a very momentous event when he screws up a very personal fact central to the story? Poor old creepy handed Uncle Joe.

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91 thoughts on “Biden makes ANOTHER embarrassing gaffe…

  1. I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of this one:

    This is your brain. This is your brain on plugs.

    1. I would think that some of his brain leaked out those plug holes, but I have no evidence that he was ever smart even when he had hair.,

  2. I see that the NRA is still the boogyman. Apparently, Dem’s are unaware of the corruption and internecine warfare going on in the group.

    1. The NRA is the Democrat’s favorite gun control group. A convenient boogeyman that secretly (sometimes not so secretly) supports the same gun bans the Democrats do.

      1. I’m done with them until they get their act together. My support is going to the SAF, GOA and my local groups.

  3. An old senile fool, is this the best the democrat party has to offer, not really, the rest of the rat pack are leftist lunatics out of touch with reality, if the economy is good Trump is good for another term.

    1. And what does that tell us about the people that control the DNC? They must be senile old fools too or complete idiots to be pushing him on us.

    1. Holy crap is right. This is what happens when you invite millions of people into your states that hate Israel and Jews and any non-Muslim as far as that goes. Instead of standing their ground or kicking them out they get on their knees and pacify them. Not to mention the left that blames everything on Israel.

      1. Most of the news about what’s going on over there doesn’t reach us here unless you follow Spencer or Geller.

  4. Biden has supernatural powers. He can cure cancer by the laying on of hands. So who’s to say he can’t also engage in time travel?

  5. Hmmm? If Biden is not “The One” then who are the Dem powers that be angling for? This sounds so much like their run up to nominating Obama. Hillary was supposed to be “The One” but was thrown over supposedly due to age (not to mention more than a bit of baggage and being too white) for Obama’s youth, blackness and being more “down with the struggle”. Obama was almost a complete unknown at the time whose only credentials were being a VERY junior senator whose only claim to fame was voting “present” and being a very mediocre community activist prior to that. BUT, he checked off almost all their boxes for the ideal progressive candidate and was milquetoast enough to do whatever his handlers told him to. We need to look behind the curtain. I don’t think any of the current Dem front runners seem to be exciting the Democrat’s base and very few of them have any charisma at all so it makes me wonder who they have hiding in the wings?

  6. ..And then there were none…….

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful? A Dem lineup of -0-

    No doubt Beto and Breadline Bernie wouldn’t take no for an answer. They’d want to win the old fashioned
    way, through revolution.

    Bernie shivers with excitement each time the word is mentioned, and Beto has done everything but directly
    call for the Mexican government to ‘invade’ Texas…

  7. When I saw the news ticker on Fox saying something like “Biden misremembers Parkland Shooting date”, I thought, “Meh, so he misremembered a date.”

    But then I saw the clip. Yikes. The dude completely imagined a large scale event.

    1. They’re ALL delusional to the point of a reality disconnect. It’s quite concerning and would be amusing if it weren’t so dangerous to our republic.

  8. Joe Biden: VP for Life in his own mind. Next step: Rename Wednesday Bidensday, Turkmenistan-style.

  9. So we all know Joe won’t be the nominee…who is left? What crazy, whackjob, democrat will take the nomination?

  10. Biden winning would be bad but the more scary thought is who will be his VP? After all, Biden probably won’t make it through four years. Whoever the dems really want as president will be his VP.

  11. Biden has always been a gaffe master. It’s just more noticeable now that he’s in the limelight.

  12. I don’t think this is a typical gaffe – its a special one. See, these Dems have been lying so much they feel very comfortable embellishing themselves into different stories and they don’t remember fact from fiction anymore – its hard keeping track of all the lies.

  13. How he is still in the running after his abuse of power to get his son billion dollar contracts…Democrat privilege. May I remind the media that he said black women don’t read to their children…

    1. I think sleepy Joe really thought he was VP during the Parkland shooting. His mind is failing him, because of age or whatever.

    2. As a communist supremacist you get automatically immunity to steal, to lie, to murder and even to be a pedophile……

  14. I have observed Biden for most of his “public service” career. He never was the brightest bulb in the chandelier, far from it, but it is very obvious to me that he has lost a lot of what little useful knowledge he ever had. Also, his speech is much more stuttered and stammered now, even when reading from a teleprompter. As for his gaffes, they result in part from his lack of knowledge about the subject at hand. And that will get worse before it gets better.

    1. As for his gaffes, they result in part from his lack of knowledge about the subject at hand. And that will get worse before it gets better.

      Lack of knowledge? Dude has been a gaff machine since forever. The reason we’re hearing about it so often is because this is as deep into a presidential campaign, and thus exposure, he’s ever experienced. And we also must be clear about this, there are two kinds of gaffs. 1.)Idiotic things like “Stand up, Chuck” to a guy sitting in a wheelchair and 2.)Those statements and observations which expose to us to what Biden actually believes. Example, “Poor kids are just as bright as White kids.”

  15. It will be interesting to see how much the other Democrat candidates will do to bring him down. I suspect that will increase dramatically if he continues his big lead in the polls.

  16. What we perceive as gaffes is actually the real face from Biden. He is the arsonist telling us how he is going to burn down our house and many will actually vote for him because he wears a RayBan or doesn’t want to be called white supremacist. Now, it is scary that he mentions being the VP during the Parkland shooting, because I interpret that as he knew something beforehand that we don’t know yet. The communists have been using racism and gun control to overtake the country and nothing has happened in the last decades without any planning.
    Now we can understand why Biden was invisible for 8 years during the Obama dictatorship as he would have told us too much. Just remember what he said to Obama regarding Obamacare: “This is a big fuc….. deal”. A Deal?

  17. Find him a teenage girl! He needs to feed! We’re going to kill him if this keeps up!

    Where’s Epstein we need Jeffr…. oh no…. oh no…..

  18. This is really bad. To think that this moron (my apologies to all the morons out there) has a chance to be a candidate for president of our country?????

  19. Joe has not only lost his mo joe but he’s also making himself look like a first class fool. His family should convince to drop his quest for the presidency before he’s laughed off of the debate stage.

    1. They should. I think the next democrat debate is going to be very ugly. He could be spending time with his family..

  20. Rhodes Scholar, first in his law school class, multiple degrees, graduated college in 2 years with 100 extra credits… Walked on the moon… Landed D-Day, first wave.

    1. The leftists biggest fear is that if he does win the nomination, during the campaign against Trump, he will make such a huge gaff that he tanks in the polls and never recovers.

    1. Yes, I was thinking that @soopermexican:disqus should keep this headline handy. I have a feeling he is going to need it again and again…or use yours!

  21. He has a brain disorder going on for sure, the man’s brain is just mush. If he sticks around then the person to watch out for won’t be him, it will be whoever his VP is since he won’t be in charge behind the scenes.

    1. I am absolutely sure about that. His mission will be to pardon the Clintonians and the Obamas on day one and after that he will get disconnected.

      1. Good grief, I’ll bet you’re right. So even if the Spygate culprits are indicted, Biden can let them

        The downside for the Ds will be if every voter in the country except hardcore leftist zealots revolts at the hypocrisy and gives the Rs a colossal landslide at the next election.

        It would be interesting, too, if Biden’s vice-president takes over but is then impeached and actually removed after the Senate trial.

        1. If we want to defeat the enemy we have to start thinking like the enemy. What scared me the most was the day I heard Pedo Hillary saying: “I don’t want to run, I want to become the President”. Biden would be her road to the White House…….

  22. The DNC is going to make sure his VP is Bernie or Pocohontas. This way all of the Dems will rally around him because they know he won’t be in the seat very long if he won…

  23. I honestly believe that he doesn’t want to be president. Not deep inside. He’s a kind man, who’s been through a lot. He deserves a calm retirement not this presidential nonsense. The very worst thing that could ever happen to him would be if he won.

    1. I have to disagree. He is not a kind man. He is corrupt and vindictive. He led the charge trying to derail Justice Clarence Thomas and was right in the middle of the accusations with Anita Hill. As Vice President, he brought his son with him on State trips to the Ukraine and China and his son came back with huge multi-million dollar deals. He threatened the Ukraine to not give them the billion dollars in aid promised if they didn’t fire their attorney general who was looking into the corrupt dealings of the company that Biden,Jr. was associated with. No, he is not a nice or kind man. He is very stupid and corrupt.

    2. You hit the nail on the head. Biden truly believed no one in the field prior to him could beat Trump in the GE and he was right…. but he can’t either.

    3. The worst thing that could happen to him would be if he won? HIM? No! it’s the worst that could happen to America!!

  24. Dem’s better stop saying, “But Trump’s too old” when they nominate 77 year old Joe Biden as their nominee. I can’t freakin wait!

    1. If the Dems nominate Joe, it is crucial whom they pick for VP, because I suspect that somewhere in Biden’s first term, even the Dems will want to invoke the 25th Amendment.

    1. On second thought, please don’t endorse Marianne Williamson. That would be the kiss of death.
      Endorse Kamala Harris. Pls

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