Mt. Vernon Assembly Plans Second Meetup Next Year

A continuing series of discussions of Mark Levin’s new book,
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

(Discussion #13 – Activism, and the Scope of the Problem)

As you will no doubt hear on Mark Levin’s radio program this evening, the Mount Vernon Assembly was held this past Saturday, on the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. I suggest you find a way to record or download tonight’s broadcast (assuming Mark will be on—I see nothing on his website indicating otherwise). I’m sure Levin will have a few things to say on the subject.

The Mount Vernon Assembly was organized by Indiana Senate President David Long (R-Fort Wayne), and was a meeting of legislators from the several states for the purpose of discussing an Article Five Convention for proposing Amendments to the United States Constitution. We do not yet have a full count of attendees, but according to some reports, as many as 23 to 30 states were “sending” delegates to this Assembly (quotes around the word sending are because I have no independent confirmation whether each attendee was indeed dispatched by their respective legislative body, or had decided to show up on their own). The article I linked above (at TheBlaze) claims “nearly 100 lawmakers” showed up. Again, I’ve found no independent confirmation on that number, and whether all of them were in fact “lawmakers.” (UPDATE: Michael Farris at ConventionOfStates made the same claim, so that number looks accurate.)

Whomever and however, their attendance was an historic occasion. From such gatherings are the tectonic shifts in the political landscape created.

Meeting of legislators at Mt. Vernon

Attendees of the Assembly – (Image from a very good article a

We’ll have to wait on Levin’s report, among others, to tell if they made progress beyond assertion of purpose and a pledge to proceed. The reports so far indicate that the main action item was to agree to meet again next year. For a first get together, this is not a big surprise. However, these legislators have shown much bravery by merely showing up. This is why we must support them in the coming months. This first meeting will be remembered, much the way many meetings were remembered during the turbulent years of the founders.

And like the Founders, we must face the fact that the present danger we face as a nation is grave. The collapse of our system is inevitable, and the only people that don’t recognize this are the low-information partisans who blindly follow the Progressives in power (both Republican and Democrat). The rest of you (and that includes many Democrats who know in their hearts the system will collapse) know something must be done or we have reached the end. The Progressives in power also know this, because it is their goal to seek power in the heart of the very chaos they have caused.

Senator Long and many forward-thinking legislators are already beginning the process of Restoration. This shows that such activism now has a solid core of key advocates. But they must have your help. You must do as many have already reported in these discussions (see the comments), and contact your local state representatives now. Do not leave it up to others. Each of you must do this, because this is the answer to the common question you have all had over the last decade. You ask, “What can I do?” The answer is within this process: the Article Five second process to Amend the Constitution.

As our friends at ConventionOfStates have said, “It’s the only solution as big as the problem.”

And the scope of the problem really is so massive that Mark Levin and others have written entire books on that subject alone. It’s economic, it’s the abuse of power, it’s a hollowing out of our military, it’s a weakened foreign policy, and it’s a debasement of the full faith and credit of the United States. If two downgrades cannot wake people to this danger, then nothing short of the Full Soviet will do it. (Some people in the gulags died believed Stalin would rescue them.)

I urge you to participate in these discussions. I know you are all busy, and it’s a difficult time of year to focus on activism, but you know the left never sleeps. Unfortunately we are also getting pushback from the more reactionary part of the right, where old fears of a “con-con” simply refuse to give way to the actual facts of the matter. Regarding the counterfactual claims by people warning of a runaway “con-con,” Michael Farris wrote:

Here is why their arguments are doomed to fail: 1. They are based on faulty history. The original Constitution was not adopted as the result of a runaway convention. Their entire argument is premised on this fallacy. 2. They have to convince state legislators that we can’t trust state legislators.

You see, state legislators control the Article V process from beginning to end. The “Con-Con” argument requires state legislators to believe that we should be afraid of state legislators who might abuse their power.

But what’s the alternative? These fear-based arguments leave us in the utterly precarious position of trusting Washington, D.C., to right itself.

No one should trust Washington, D.C., more than they trust state legislators. But, at the end of the day, the audience that matters most is state legislators. State legislators certainly trust themselves more than they trust Congress and the rest of the crowd in D.C.

And it’s exactly how the framers intended it to be. Obviously, state legislators are not infallible; look at California. We have no such illusions about the states as the detractors claim. But the clear fact is that you and our nation have a much better chance of survival by relying on the 7000-plus legislators all across the United States than we could ever have with 531 legislators and delegates mired in the power structure of Washington DC.

For one thing, you have access to your legislator. You might even know him or her personally. Most of them have to keep their day jobs in your community to afford to work at the capital during legislative sessions. You can talk to them. You must talk to them. This is, “What you can do.” This is how you can be a part of the solution without requiring huge campaign contributions. It only takes a few moments of your time, and you don’t have to travel across several states to some conference or meeting. Just pick up your phone and call your representative. It’s his or her job to listen to you.

A bit of housekeeping: These threads have not been exactly busy, so I worry about the commitment level. I need to know if you want me to continue them here at TheRightScoop. I had hoped this community was willing to see this great challenge to completion, and so I asked Scoop if TheRightScoop could be a nexus of activity on the issue. But response has been low, and I don’t want to impose on Scoop if the community isn’t behind the effort. Let me know.

Also, after asking the other day if people could please stop by the ArticleFiveProcess site and update their legislator’s info, I have noted only a few new records in the database (say wut?). If you have trouble using the site I really need to know about it. So your feedback is critical. (Many thanks to those who gave feedback in the comments. Also, many thanks to those updating the scores! Woo hoo!) I really think this scoreboard concept can be used to help convince legislators to get on board. (After all, if they see most of us want this, then it helps bring a little pressure for them to get on the right side of history.)

Many thanks to Senator Long and the attendees at the Mount Vernon Assembly. For those of you who wish to follow this in more depth, I’ll write an article at ArticleFiveProcess listing all of the attendees I can find, and info on how to track their efforts. It might arrive late this evening, so be sure to check after supper.


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59 thoughts on “Mt. Vernon Assembly Plans Second Meetup Next Year

  1. K-Bob, you are obviously investing a TON of time into this. Many thanks, and rest assured, many are lurking, waiting, watching (gov’t compliance and distractions keep us busy, don’t ya know) but this will snowball, and your leadership will pave the way for others to take action.

    1. Many thanks for the kind words!

      It’s been a fairly serious chunk of time, but it hasn’t killed my work schedule (or my marriage). Also, I’m not working alone. We have a team effort, and that’s why it all came together so well.

      1. It will be inspiring to watch the percentages rise – could encourage competition among the purple states like FL. I noticed that all the legislators in FL were populated (awesome). My 2 reps have run on securing federal funding as if it’s vital to our survival.

        What I’m getting at is I’m wondering if the FAQ is going to include any marching orders/suggestions for those who are recruited to participate outside of TRS. For instance, in the post above you give some perspective on dealing with the locals legislators -it’s their job to listen good point. I would offer that the feds have clearly proven that massive corruption and inefficiency are to be expected from any social programs, and that we are going to have to ween ourselves from fed regs, dollars, compliance costs, and eventually taxes if we are to de-centralize this country again. There’s so much good discussion to pull from already, people are going to want to know what to say when they get “active.” If you’re ready to sound the dinner bell, I’m going to start working the conservative circles to recruit some legwork. Seems like we need some easy-access sales dialogue?

        1. Good points. We had planned a “take action” button at the scoreboard, but got derailed with data structures and infrastructures issues. We have a slight revamp planned by March, and we’ll definitely revisit the action section.

          We also wanted to make sure we were not impeding progress being made by the ConventionOfStates folks and the ArticleVCaucus folks.

          Oh, yeah, the ConventionOfStates website has a handbook you can download.

          1. Lots of great info. Question from the trenches: I’m compiling a list of links for networking purposes and would find it logically convenient if there was a link to a main page/index of articles at TRS. I know you post the history every week, but is (or whatnot) feasible? With a central discussion thread and list of links perhaps?

            1. Scoop would have to do some work in WordPress to make that happen. The best I can do is keep a link on my ArticleFiveProcess page to the current, Liberty Amendments Monday thread here at Scoop’s. That’s a good idea, so I’ll get that done sometime Monday or Tuesday.

              Meanwhile, you can always use the built-in search capability of WordPress to find all of my articles at TheRightScoop. The link is

              I also really need to get on adding a contact form at the ArticleFiveProcess site. Busy time of year, though.

              1. That search link is better than what I had in mind. Scoop does need to put a link to the AFP site in his header, of course… 😉

  2. Please continue the discussion. I try and go to this website as often as possible but time doesn’t always permit.

  3. I just found you today and have read each and every discussion, plus some of the side articles. Please continue! I am very interested in this process as a solution. Do you need updating help for Texas?

    1. Thanks, Gail! Yes, I need help for every statehouse Member. The scoring system aggregates (and recomputes new scores) all the records people submit, so even if you see that a particular Representative is “100% in favor” of the Article Five Convention, it helps their score to go ahead and add another record (yours) stating the same thing.

      If you see where someone has a high score and you think they are not really supportive, then it’s good to correct the record, as well.

  4. These discussions are important and necessary to develop a drum beat to press this forward. My biggest disappointment is that they set the next meeting for NEXT YEAR. I would like to see quarterly meetings. The scale of the Original Framer’s pace is not applicable in a world where the whole country can discuss the issues in online forums. Communication is greatly expanded, as well as the timeframes are logically contracted. It has taken 100 years to get to this point and we have the capability to turn this ship around almost on a dime here. The operative detail is that the Federal Government’s dysfunction has crossed a line. The two possibilities are;
    1) This dysfunction has grown organically and has arisen from 100 years of continual progressive drumbeat.
    2) The progressive dysfunction is a result of power seeking, and we are now at the stage where a Cloward and Piven strategy is now covertly in play.

    In both of these possibilities, there is a tipping point that must not be crossed. If it is the number one cause, then we have a little bit of breathing room. If it is the second, then the timelines will be quickened as we increase OUR tempo. If this is the case, as I fear, then it is a race to see who can complete their task more quickly. In this instance, we need to gauge how much road is left on those two tracks. I say the quicker the better. The masterminds never hesitate to take the advantage. With the springboard of the economy and the raw absurdity of Obamacare, NOW is the time to act and act quickly. A deliberative process need not take 2 years to achieve. IMHO, people are pissed enough to act. The last straw has been placed on the camel, and it is time to execute.

  5. This is my first view of the discussions. I have been onboard through the Mark Levin Show for a few years now. Please keep informing the public. It is the only way to gather support for such an important matter.

  6. Just an update, I’m still researching the followup article I mentioned. I can’t post it yet because it’s really a pain in the ankle trying to get a list of attendees assembled. Look for it later in the week, though.

    And thanks for all the encouragement! We’ll keep on with this until the Internet goes sentient, and kicks us all off.

  7. Keep hammering, K-Bob. People will wake up one by one and realize that spending an hour or two emailing their state representatives is a far more fruitful use of time than, say, watching the 6:00 news or even their favorite ball team. It’s been enjoyable receiving their replies and dispelling their fears of a runaway constitutional convention. I always thank them and let them know their stand will be recorded on Enlightenment, communication…they’re hearing us singly now but soon in “…numbers too loud to ignore.”

  8. Please continue. In CT, where there is a state house and a state senate, which body (or both?) participates in Article V proceedings? ALSO PLEASE CONTINUE. I WILL GET INVOLVED!

    1. They pass a resolution, which follows the same path a Bill follows, and goes to a joint committee after passing in both houses to resolve any differences. The cool thing is, the resolution doesn’t need a Governor’s signature. It goes straight to Congress.

  9. Please continue! We must do everything possible to educate Americans about this process! I live on Cape Cod and I emailed one of the few Republicans in our state government to find out if they were sending anyone to Mt. Vernon and he never replied. But as I understand it – we don’t need MA, CA, NY and the other very blue states to ratify – we need 38 out of the 50 states, so this is possible! We have to talk about it to everyone who will listen and correct all the misunderstandings when people assume it is a Constitutional Convention and too risky. The first chapter of Mark’s book is available for free on his website and that is an overview that is very helpful to get people started! I visited your ArticleVProcess site and it is wonderful, though I am not holding my breath to see Massachusetts step up to the plate. There are more “reasonable” states we can work on to gather the support we need! Thank you for all your efforts and God Bless America!

  10. K-Bob,

    Please continue to post on the Article V process. While the involvement may be slow, I think that is due to the overwhelming number of people who are not familiar with this process. Your writing is imperative for the continued education of this block of people.

    I am active in the process here in Florida District 4. We have a great district Captain who has been on local AM radio and has spoke at Tea Party and GOP meetings. We have confirmed that our representative Matt Gaetz is going to support the process. We would like him to co-sponsor the application so we are going to keep pushing.

    Everyone needs to contact your local rep and senator. You will find that you have are closer than you think to the ear of your state rep. Call, email, and then do it all over again. It works!

  11. Just as at the founding of our nation it can be very difficult at the beginning. We can not weaken. Please continue these posts.

  12. No,no, do not stop in this effort to get this thing going. A good start has been made and I believe this whole thing will catch fire.

  13. K-Bob, I might have missed it and if so sorry, but Next Year?

    I hope they mean in the 1st quarter!

  14. It’s about time…

    Article 5 is a September 17, 1787 idea whose time has come… again.

    I’ve got a feelin’…

    … that this time 34 approving states and then 38 ratifying states will get off their collective rear and put it in hot-rod gear and make the political wheels squeal.

    My preference order –

    1- Term limits for senate and house
    2- Repeal the 17th amendment of 1913 – return to state legislatures selecting senators
    3- Repeal the 16th amendment of 1913 – progressive tax on income

    4- Term limits for SCOTUS

    Consider two progressives babies –

    – The 16th amendment of 1913, the progressive baby of a tax on income – The 18th amendment of 1919 – the progressive baby of alcohol prohibition.

    Well, the 18th amendment was ratified on January 16, 1919 and was repealed by the 21st amendment on December 5, 1933, 14 years and 7 months.

    Why was it repealed so soon?

    ‘Cause even the roaring 20s progressives wanted to sip and soar.

    Now, why has the 100 year old 16th amendment not been repealed yet?

    ‘Cause to take from those who have and redistribute to those who need STILL buys votes, that’s why.

    An appropriate bumper sticker for repeal of the 16th amendment could be:

    PICK 1


    I WORK for my income… REPEAL the 16th amendment.

    I VOTE for my income… do NOT repeal the 16th amendment… please!!!

    Well, the two 100 year old amendments have simply got to go!!!

    The16th amendment was ratified on February 3, 1913
    The 17th amendment was ratified on April 8, 1913.

    The Article 5 authorized convention of states to amend the constitution is definitely an idea whose time has come, isn’t it?

    Yes, it is.


    Would someone please inform our friend Glenn Beck and others to NOT call the Article 5 movement a ‘constitutional convention.’

    YES – a convention to amend the constitution
    NO – a constitutional convention.


      1. Thats a great list ART.

        I’d be very happy with a start of TERM LIMITS NOW. If we could accomplish that…WHAT A HUGE IMPACT it could have on the future.
        These (for the most part) pretentious prigs who get the job of Senator and then keep it for life, taking advantage of very perk, every dinner out, ever first class ticket, every 100.00 bottle of wine…while at the same time … losing sight of why they were elected into office…IT just makes my
        heart ache, and my blood pressure go up.

    1. I cringe when I hear Beck refer to it by the incorrect name as well. If anyone has some clout with him, Art’s request is top priority! 🙂

  15. Please keep posting these Liberty Amendment updates. Most of us are lurking to see where things are going to head, but we will start jumping on the sites where we see things actually happening.

    I will pledge to go through what you’ve done on to provide feedback, add database information, etc.

    Thanks for doing this!

  16. I bet Mark is wishing he was on air tonight, but he said on Friday that Brian Sussman would be hosting. Tomorrow we can expect a fantastic broadcast from The Great One. I just can’t wait to hear more about this!
    ps: I recall hearing that the room they reserved for the convention had a max capacity of 102 so they didn’t invite anyone who didn’t need to be there.

      1. I like that! Thanks

        It’s like I’ve written about with regard to the states. People ask, “What makes you think the federal government will comply with new amendments?” And I say folks need to know how much power states actually have. If they get a shiny new amendment stating, for example, that they can repel invaders no matter what the feds say, then you know darn well some states are going to act on it, and arrest any fed trying to stop them.

        Good for Texas!

        1. I’m admittedly one of those worried about the States. The States receive substantial funding from the feds and are at O’s beck and call. That would have to be addressed somehow so the states can function independent of the fed gov’t.

          1. There was a book out in 2011 that has since been renamed. It was called, “A New Constitution by 2020” and has now been renamed “The Constitution in 2020”.
            David Axelrod said before the 2008 elections that their goal was a new constitution by 2020! It was scrubbed from the internet in late 2011.
            I think this is a REALLY bad idea.

            1. Anything from Axelwad is a bad idea.

              But this is the time and place the Framers envisioned when they put in the second process. It’s our last shot at avoiding war, because leaving things alone is pulling us inexorably toward a major conflict.

              I seriously doubt that conflict will stay peaceful.

  17. K-Bob,

    I personally was seeking a report on the events from Sat., and yours is the first I have seen – so yes! Please keep the updates coming.

    In regards to web sites, I have only seen yours, plus these two:

    Mark Levin put this one on his FB page:
    I will follow all 3, but I hope it stays focused. Anyway, I did see that Mark was off tonight via Twitter, Mr. Sussman is filling in.

    1. Yes, I picked up ArticleVCaucus in my Resources page last week. Looks like they’ve been active for a while.

      There’s also a facebook page called TheLibertyAmendmentsByMarkLevin that has some activity, but I can’t find out much about who operates the page, or whether it has any connection with Mark Levin.

      Also, I’ve noticed some activity on the #ArticleV hashtag, on the tweeter thingy.

      Thanks for the input! It’s hard to find reliable resources right now, while we’re in the early stages.

  18. No need to record Mark’s broadcasts. He makes all of his shows freely available from his web site every night around 10pm ET. He also distributes his podcast for free through iTunes.

    Subscribe! Listen! Get the word out!

      1. Until recently I couldn’t listen on radio so I’ve been listening to his re-wind on the computer for years. Best ever (almost) commercial free program! Wish I could shave an hour off the programs of other hosts I enjoy!

        1. Almost? What bit of radio dynamite do you know about that is even more deserving of everyone’s ear than Mark Levin’s? 🙂

          1. I think he meant it’s almost commercial free, since you do have to listen to the live spot advertisements Mark does.
            Like for….
            Sorry, I think it’s funny how he yells out AMAC in that unique, nasally voice of his.

          2. almost commercial free.
            There is usually one or two in the rewind.
            I said didn’t say other hosts were better than Levin.

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