The Siskind Method: DHS reports ‘anarchists’ DOXXING COPS, putting addresses, private info online

Guess Amy Siskind and friends are getting their way. Fox Business host Elizabeth McDonald reports that “rioters are now going after officers and their families in their homes”

“They put out on the Internet the personal home addresses and phone numbers of 38 police officers in Portland, also officers in Kentucky, Washington, D.C., Georgia, New York, Massachusetts, and they’re telling extremists to go to these homes. That could put their families at risk,” said McDonald to her guest, retired acting ICE director, Ron Vitiello.

“This shouldn’t happen in modern-day America,” said Vitiello. “Families of law enforcement officers already make enough sacrifice with the dangers that their spouses engage in at work, and now they’re make their lives difficult by putting information about their homes and their children on the Internet. Just should not be.”

That’s a sentiment not shared by most American media as is amply demonstrated daily.


By the way, Amy Siskind is still going at it on Twitter. She made that bed and she’s wallowing in it.

But don’t take that only at face value. Yes she’s insanely calling cops Nazis, but she’s also very carefully trying to retro-fit her original comment to cover her behind against Twitter or other places recognizing that she was in fact demanding mob justice by raving about international criminal proceedings. You know so it seems like she would NEVER have even SUGGESTED harm come to these officers at the hands of the rioting masses who are shooting mortars at them, gasp no.

And they call cops the pigs.

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